Zevo Reviews

Zevo reviews

Bug Problems? Something most of us have to deal with, no matter if it’s a hot climate or a cool one, annoying bugs always lands on our food, being around our house, or just being annoying buzzing in our ears. Whats even worse is having to deal with bugs all day everyday while you’re trying to work, relax, etc. Luckily you don’t have to worry about that with Zevo Instant Action Flying Insect Killer. I’ll give you the zevo review so you know how wonderful this bug spray works on bugs that’re a nuisance. 

When To Use Zevo Bug Spray?

Zevo bug spray works like a charm for a variety of bugs like: flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and more flying insects. A great benefit of this bug spray, unlike many of the top sprays is this one doesn’t use harsh chemicals so you have less to worry about when inhaling and spraying around children and pets. With that being said I would still use with precaution; They say that it’s safe for pets and people. But the bottle says to wipe spray off if it gets on your skin. With that information, I would try to clean up after use to make sure it doesn’t make a mess and if you have pets, so they won’t get into it.  

There isn’t really too many people using this spray to kill larger bugs like spiders, centipedes, roaches, and so on. The Zevo bug spray, I would say is primarily for flying bugs like horse flies, lady bugs, gnats, anything related to that category. It’s also a great use for smaller bugs like ants and carpet beetles.  

To summarize this section, Zevo bug spray works really well on flying insects including; any type of flies, mosquitoes, gnats and many more. It isn’t made with any harsh chemicals; some do say it smells bad but to me it smells like baby powder a little. If you use large amounts at a time, it does make a small mess so make sure to clean up any residue spray after use, making sure no animals or children don’t ingest any of it. 

Zevo reviews

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Zevo Reviews-Flying Insect Trap

If you deal with bugs on a daily basis and don’t want to be spraying bugs 24/7 then the Zevo flying insect trap will be a great option for you. With the flying insect trap, this mainly works for flying insects. Like the bug spray, the trap doesn’t use any chemicals either, so don’t worry about inhaling harsh chemicals when using this. A little about the Zevo trap, it Uses a blue and UV light mixture to attract insects that mimics the sun and moon’s navigational light patterns, 24 hour protection that works day and night to make sure any bugs that come in contact with it is eliminated.  

How to use this product is fairly simple. All you must do is first, plug it in, the trap attracts bugs up to 45 days, throw away any bugs in the cartridge and when it’s been 45 days replace the cartridge, easy enough right?  

Zevo Reviews

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Zevo Ant, Roach, Spider Insect Killer

If what you’re looking for isn’t to kill little bugs like flies and gnats then you might want to go with Zevo’s ant roach and spider insect killer. This is perfect for anyone who has to kill larger bugs like; spiders’ wee wigs, roach’s centipedes etc. This works like a charm for these types of bugs and are definitely what you want if they are the main issue for you. Like other Zevo products, this spray doesn’t include any chemicals so you can spray and use without breathing in chemicals. 

Zevo Reviews 2021

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In conclusion, if Zevo bug spray works for you, it’ll do you wonders. Made with no chemicals, killing flying bugs with ease, such as; flies, gnats, and my least personal favorite bug mosquitoes. A great upside to this is, the Zevo kit doesn’t have is you can take this anywhere you would like. Then you have the Zevo insect kit. The 24-hour protection kit uses UV lights to attract bugs and instantly kills them, working for up to 45 days before having to be replaced. A great upside of this product that the bug spray doesn’t have would be, you don’t have to spray daily. Just plug it in and the work on your end is finished. If the little gnats and flies aren’t your target, then the preferred option is the Zevo ant spider and roach killer. Bigger bugs don’t stand a chance vs. This bug spray. 

I hope these Zevo reviews helped you, no matter if you choose the Zevo bug spray the trap or the Zevo large bug killer, don’t worry either of the choices will have bugs flying away afraid! The outdoors has many bugs, a lot of them aren’t too much of a nuisance but by far my least favorite bug would have to be mosquitoes. Any bug that lands on me and starts sucking my blood is something I don’t want any part of. If you’re someone who enjoys being outside, by the pool enjoying nature, whatever it may be, you should read the 7 piece outdoor sectional,  you’re going to love this article. Many bug sprays and traps work a wonder. But some of them just don’t do the trick. That’s why I highly recommend purchasing the Zevo bug spray or the Zevo flying insect trap to get your home bug free. 

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  1. Please stop showing your “cockroach” ads!!! Your “cockroach” shows up without any warning & appears several times during the ad! I’m sure I’m not the only person who really hates your ads.

    You used to have ads that said your sprays were effective, but did not harm humans/pets – why can’t you show ads like that?

    It seems like ads today have to have something obnoxious/gross to make people remember them…just stop with the “cockroach” ads & maybe more people will buy your product.

    Thank you!

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