Apple iPad Pro 2020

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Generation)

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  • Quality
  • Display
4.5/5Overall Score

From stunning display, all day lasting battery, and enormous 12.9 inch display, along many other great features, there's no wonder why the iPad Pro (4th Generation) is one of the best iPads ever made   

  • Lightweight:
  • Liquid Retina Display:
  • A12Z Bionic Chip:
  • 28.65 Watt-Hour battery:
  • 12.9inch Massive Screen
  • Capable of 1TB storage
  • Lidar scanner-Remote Sensing Technology
  • Expensive
  • No Portrait or Night Mode on Rear Camera

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Generation)   

  In my personal opinion, the iPad Pro (4th generation) is by far one of the best iPads ever created, it would surely be the best iPad for your business or personal use, not only does it have an enormous 12.9-inch display, capable of 1TB capacity, a lightning-fast processor, it has a lidar scanner-remote sensing technology that’s used in self-driving cars and aircraft. I’d say that’s one advanced iPad if you’re asking me. That’s not all of the benefits this iPad has to offer; with speedy AR rendering, high-quality cameras, and long battery life, it seems like the benefits are everlasting. Of course, with all the upsides there will be some downs too, the rear cameras can’t do portraits or night mode and if you decide to purchase the Apple iPad Pro, you’ll be spending 799$ for the 11inch and if decide to get the 12.9 inch, be prepared to spend around 1000$ for a 128GB.  

All in all, is this really worth 800$ or more? If you’re looking for high quality, top-performing technology, then you certainly found it with the Apple iPad Pro (4th Generation) but if this iPad is too expensive or doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, then definitely check out the iPad 4 Air but I can honestly say, I doubt you’ll find any other iPad that’ll top this one, especially an iPad better for business or personal use.   

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