Expert Grill Covers-Top Picks 2021

So, you’ve bought the perfect grill for your outdoor soon to be grilling memories, maybe even a couple of recipes you’re exited to do for the summer months. But before you get to the grilling there’s another item on your list that’s highly recommended, to get your grill in perfect condition all-around the year.  

Investing in a grill cover is the best solution to protect your prized grill against the harsh conditions of mother nature. Not only will your grill cover protect against snow and rain but also from different particles, such as dust, dirt, sap from trees, and any other particles, that could possibly come around your cooking area. Another great benefit is protection from small animals and bugs that may find your grill to be the perfect area to call their new home.  

The high-quality grill covers are usually made from heavy-duty materials like nylon canvas and vinyl. Some even offering UV-resistant for added benefit, making sure fabric won’t crack due to extended sun exposure. Don’t worry about having to replace your grill cover every so often. Most grill covers can last just about the same length as your grill. 

Before purchasing the best grill cover that’ll fit you, keep into account the size it is so it’ll match your grill. Without doing so you may buy a grill cover that’s too big or too small not guaranteeing the best protection from the outdoor elements. You want to aim towards buying a grill cover that’s slightly larger than your grill. 

Now that you know a little background information on expert grill covers and how to find one to fit your needs, it’s time to introduce some of our top picks.  


Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Cover

unicook expert grill cover
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The Unicook expert grill cover is one you’re sure to love. Highly durable, special fade resistant fabric with vinyl coating. Size being 55 inches so I recommend buying this cover for your grill if it’s 50 inches or below, buying this with a grill that’s exactly 55 inches, you’ll have a hard time putting it on. A great feature I love about this particular grill cover is the covered air vents. This allows for air circulation to allow moisture to escape and prevent your cover from blowing away due to high winds. The complete measurements are 55-inch width by 23-inch depth and 42-inch height, fits most grills with 3 to 4 burners, width between 47 inches and 53 inches.  

Tvird Gas Expert Grill Cover

tvird expert grill cover
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If you’re a fan of exquisite designs, I’m glad to recommend this grill cover for you. The Tvird cover features durable material made out of high-density nylon oxford fabric, anti-ultraviolet weather, and dust functions. What lots of customers like about this design is how it’s waterproof and made to be heavy-duty. The exact measurements are 58-inch width 24-inch depth 46-inch height. The expert grill cover adds additional hook and loop fastener straps near the bottom at both ends clinch together to help tighten the cover, for added protection against the wind. Don’t worry about having to do strenuous cleaning, simply hose with water and the dirt will disappear soon. Dry up in the sun for your next use.  


Grillman Premium Cover

grillman expert grill cover
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First and foremost, the Grillman Premium expert grill cover fits ALL popular grills, taking the guessing out of picking the perfect grill cover. By popular grills, includes Weber, Char-Broil, or a Brinkmann BBQ grill. A high-quality, very durable grill cover is what you’ll always receive with this brand, with thousands of great reviews, making this cover a best-seller among many. Like the other grill covers we previously mentioned, this grill cover also has great wind resistance as well, making sure your expert grill cover doesn’t blow away. On top of this, you have a guaranteed secured fit, designed to conveniently fit with side straps.  


Amazon Basics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover

amazon basic expert grill covers
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For anyone with larger grill sizes, this grill cover will be perfect for you. 76 inches in length 28 inches in depth and 46 inches in width, weighing; 4.81 Pounds. The amazon basic explains exactly everything you need to know about this cover. It’s big, it’s black, and it’s basic. Don’t let the name fool you though, great for protection against, snow, rain, sun, and dust, with the added bonus of air vents that minimizes the chance of condensation. What customers love about this cover is being able to pick any size from small to XX-large, making it great for basically any grill size. 

UPODA BBQ Grill Cover

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Just like the Amazon Basics cover the Upoda is another all-black design. Measurement: 58 inches in Length 24 inches in width and 46 inches in height. Makes A simple operation for putting on the cover with adjustable cord buckles at the bottom, which can be tightened for a snug fit. Material; Made from durable polyester fabric, which is weather-resistant and dust-proof. One convenient and simple benefit this cover has that most don’t is being foldable making it quite easy for portability. 

Key Takeaways

Now that you have background information on how to buy the perfect expert grill cover, what to keep in mind before buying your cover, and some of the best on the market, I know you’ll be able to find the right one for you. Keep in mind when choosing your cover, don’t buy one that’s the exact same size as your grill or it won’t fit as well. If the wheels still show when you put on the cover, don’t be alarmed, a decent number of designs actually don’t cover the wheels. A quick tip, buying an expert grill cover with high quality material, and a durable design will last you much longer than one without these features. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors but not the biggest fan of bugs, then I recommend reading our Zevo bug spray review to keep those pesky bugs far away from you. As a grill lover I can definitely say, to keep your prized grill in tiptop shape, investing in an expert grill cover will benefit you. 

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